Our 1P Data Can Power Your Business

PCH Media’s robust first-party data helps partners achieve immediate ROI, while future-proofing their marketing strategies. We help brands reliably connect to real consumers with our 100% authenticated audience.

PCH Audiences

Reach Relevant Consumers

PCH Media has unlocked 38M+ authenticated users for our partners to address across the open web. With 1K+ pre-built segments and custom audiences, we help partners deliver the right message to the right audience.

Reliable Reach

Our 100% authenticated users ensure accuracy and reduce campaign waste

Rich Audiences

4K+ user attributes allow for precise targeting


PCH Media’s data is durable and compliant

Custom Sweepstakes

Build Your 1P File

Our winning value proposition can help your brand win in the cookieless world. PCH Media’s Custom Sweepstakes helps partners build their own file of qualified, identified opt-ins that are permissioned and privacy-compliant.

Boost Consideration

Fully co-branded experience and prominent promotion across media channels

Own Opt-Ins

Opt-in data is portable to other media platforms, clean rooms, CRMs, or DSPs for re-engagement

Turnkey Activation

PCH Media shepherds the sweepstakes process, activating our expertise and vast infrastructure

Data Enrichment

Enhance Your 1P Audiences

PCH Media’s robust data can help you build a more complete profile of your consumers. Match your 1P audiences with our known users to learn more about who they are and what they care about.

Accurate Attributes

Choose key characteristics including deterministic demographics and affinities

Uncover Trends

Learn where your consumers overindex to strategize and tailor your media approach

Flexible Execution

PCH Media will work with your preferred clean room or direct-match your audience

PCH Survey Panel

Turnkey Business Intelligence

Our panel of 15M registered users delivers reliable insights to shape your strategies, guide your decision making, and fuel your success.

High-Quality Data

Our direct and ongoing relationship with consumers ensures accurate response; survey fraud rate is less than 2%

Nimble Executions

Our 100% identified audience allows us to personalize campaigns and create shorter, simpler surveys–boosting response rate and shortening turnaround time

Trusted Resource

300+ partners–and counting–have activated PCH's panel for their business

PCH Data

Fuel Your Identity Graph

PCH Media collects 1P data directly from our 100% logged-in and consented users, providing deterministic signals that can enhance our partners’ data streams. Our robust and reliable database includes geographic, demographic, interest-based, and brand affinity segments. 

Point of Collection 

Data is collected at user registration and via O&O experiences–including full name, email, address, birthdate, gender, IP, and MAIDs

Valid & Verified 

Each user’s mailing address is USPS-verified at the time of registration—and re-confirmed if/when their profile is updated

Refreshed Daily

10-20K new users are added to our file every day

Media Solutions

Focused on Results


PCH Media drives outcomes for performance-driven partners–connecting real and registered users with relevant branded offers in our actionable environments

Focused on Results


PCH Media helps direct programmatic advertisers effectively and efficiently reach active audiences on our site and mobile apps with curated inventory and flexible buying options

Focused on Results

Native Ads

PCH Media can natively integrate your messaging into our brand environments with custom ad units to boost awareness and consideration

Together, we can build a winning solution for your business. Reach out now to strategize and thrive in the cookieless world.

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